Compare Car Insurance Pricing From Wheeling Insurance Providers

When searching for a good insurance agent in Wheeling, West Virginia, you can always start your search for an agent online in order to save time. The chances are good you’re looking for a professional licensed agent, but you also want the lowest possible price.

With insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and many independent agents having offices in Wheeling, it’s difficult to determine which one will give you the best rates, service and coverage. To begin, you can use online quotes to build a list of agencies and price estimates.

Online quotes help locate Wheeling agents

Insurance agents can point out coverage gaps and help in the event of a claim. One of the best bonuses of comparing insurance prices online is you may find the lowest rates and still choose a local agent. And supporting small agencies is especially important in Wheeling.

For easy comparison, once you complete this form (opens in new window), your information is instantly submitted to participating agents in Wheeling who will compete for your insurance coverage. You never need to even leave your home because quoted prices will be sent to your email. How cool is that?! You’ll get the best rates and work with a local agent.

Pick the best car insurance agent in Wheeling for you

When looking for a good insurance agency, there are a couple of types of insurance agents from which to choose. Agencies in Wheeling can either be independent (non-captive) or captive.

Independent Agencies or Brokers

Independent agents are not required to write business for one company but rather can write business with multiple insurance companies depending on which coverage is best. To move your coverage to a new company, the agent simply finds a different carrier and that require little work on your part.

When shopping rates, you should always include price quotes from multiple independent agents for the best price selection.

The following are independent insurance agents in Wheeling willing to provide rate quotes.

Bryan Insurance – 2201 Chapline St – Wheeling, WV 26003 – (304) 233-5907
Absure Insurance – 540 National Rd – Wheeling, WV 26003 – (304) 232-8097

Captive Insurance Agents

Captive insurance agents can only place business with one company like Allstate, AAA, Liberty Mutual and State Farm. These agents are not able to shop your coverage around so it’s a take it or leave it situation. Captive agents receive extensive training on their company’s products which helps them sell insurance even at higher premiums.

Shown below are captive insurance agencies in Wheeling willing to provide price quote information.

Allstate Insurance – 100 Washington Ave – Wheeling, WV 26003 – (304) 242-0005
State Farm Insurance – 2192 National Rd – Wheeling, WV 26003 – (304) 242-2390

To view a complete directory of captive agents in Wheeling, go to this page.

Deciding on a car insurance agent shouldn’t rely on just the premium amount. These questions are important to ask:

  • Did they already check your driving record and credit reports?
  • Can they give you a list of client referrals?
  • Will you be dealing directly with the agent or with a Custom Service Representative (CSR)?
  • If you have an accident, will your rates go up?
  • Which company do they place the most coverage with?
  • Is the agent and/or agency licensed to do business in West Virginia?
  • Are there any discounts that you might be missing?

After getting positive feedback to your questions in addition to an acceptable price estimate, you have narrowed it down to an insurance agency that is a good match to adequately provide car insurance.

Does buying direct online get me lower rates?

Insurance agents are important, but you also have the option of buying West Virginia car insurance direct from companies online. Even companies like Allstate and State Farm that sell primarily through agents also allow consumers to get a quote and buy online, so this should also be taken into consideration if you want to do it yourself.

If you’re apprehensive about choosing your own coverages, that is quite common when buying online the first time. Companies all have client service departments for getting questions answered. You may also access help pages and frequently asked questions to help you make a buying decision.

Will auto insurance cost less online? It’s difficult to say for sure due to the large number of individual components that can increase policy rates. You may think that going direct saves money because there is no agent involvement. But truthfully, the cost of constant advertising is expensive so the lack of a commission may be a wash.

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Additional car insurance links

Additional information is available on the website for the West Virginia Insurance Commission located here. West Virginia drivers can read consumer alerts, file complaints about an insurance agent or broker, and find disaster information.

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Final thoughts

Drivers leave their current company for many reasons like high prices, policy cancellation, denial of a claim and even unfair underwriting practices. No matter why you want to switch, switching car insurance companies can be less work than you think.

Discount car insurance can be bought both online and also from your neighborhood Wheeling agents, and you should compare price quotes from both to have the best selection. There are still a few companies who may not provide you the ability to get quotes online and these small insurance companies work with independent agents.