Get Car Insurance Comparison Quotes From Easton Insurance Providers

Comparing car insurance rates in Easton can be a lot of work since there are a lot of options and finding the best Pennsylvania insurance agency takes more work than just calling the closest agent. You require a competent insurance agent, and also want to find the lowest rates for car insurance in Easton.

Insurance companies such as Geico and Progressive constantly blast consumers with catchy ads and it is challenging if not impossible to see through the deception and effectively compare rates to find the best deal.

Save time by quoting online

Licensed agents are trained to spot inefficiencies and give you someone to call. The best thing about price shopping on the web is you may find the best rates but also keep your business local.

Upon completion of this simple form, the quote information is transmitted to companies in Easton who will compete for your coverage. There is no reason to even leave your home because quoted prices will be sent immediately to your email address. It doesn’t get any easier!

Choosing an insurance agent needs to be determined by more than just the premium amount. These questions are important to ask:

  • How are they compensated?
  • Can they give you a list of client referrals?
  • If you have an accident, will your rates go up?
  • Does the company allow you to choose your own collision repair facility?
  • Which members of your family are coverage by the policy?
  • How often do they review policy coverages?
  • Are claim adjusters local or do you have to take your car somewhere else?

Easton car insurance agents are either independent or captive

When searching for a good Easton insurance agent, you must know there are a couple different types of agents that differ in how they can insure your vehicles. Easton agents are either captive or independent (non-captive). Either one can write coverage properly, but it’s worth mentioning how they are different because it can impact the type of agent you choose

Captive Insurance Agents

These agents are contracted to one company like Allstate, Farmers Insurance, State Farm and AAA. These agents are not able to compare other company’s rates so it’s a take it or leave it situation. These agents receive extensive training on their company’s products which can be an advantage.

Shown below are captive agencies in Easton that can give you rate quotes.

Allstate Insurance – 2925 William Penn Hwy # 101 – Easton, PA 18045 – (610) 250-8690

Independent Agents (or Brokers)

Independent agencies are not required to write business for one company so they can insure your vehicles with any number of different companies enabling the ability to shop coverage around. To transfer your coverage to a different company, the business is moved internally without you having to go to a different agency. When comparison shopping, it’s a good idea to get quotes from multiple independent agents for the best price selection.

Shown below is a short list of independent agencies in Easton that can give you comparison quotes.

Cooke Agency – 606 Stones Crossing Rd – Easton, PA 18045 – (610) 258-9675
Prudential Insurance Co – – Easton, PA 18042 – (610) 923-9090
Rubino Insurance – 108 S 3rd St – Easton, PA 18042 – (610) 253-6178

For a full directory of car insurance agents in Easton, visit this link.

Once you have received positive feedback to your questions and an acceptable price quote, it’s possible that you found an auto insurance agent that is a good match to properly service your car insurance policy.

Do online insurance companies cost less?

Auto insurance agents serve a purpose, but Pennsylvania car insurance can also be bought directly from online companies. Some specific companies who have local Easton agents also give you the ability to buy online, and consumers should do that.

If you’re anxious about not having professional advice, that is quite common when buying online the first time. Car insurance companies have toll-free phone numbers and other options for getting advice on proper coverages.

Does buying online save money? That question is hard to answer because there are many factors that can increase policy rates. It would make sense to think that shopping online for auto insurance cuts out the middleman. For most companies selling online, however, marketing expenses are significant and that impacts the rates consumers pay.

quotes for Easton insurance

One last thing about your coverage

Affordable car insurance is possible on the web and also from your neighborhood Easton agents, and you should be comparing both to have the best chance of lowering rates. Some car insurance companies may not provide the ability to get a quote online and these smaller companies work with independent agents.

People change insurance companies for many reasons like being labeled a high risk driver, policy cancellation, not issuing a premium refund or an unsatisfactory settlement offer. Whatever your reason, choosing a new insurance company is less work than it seems.

More information about car insurance

Even more information can be found at the Pennsylvania Insurance Department website. Pennsylvania drivers can learn about specific coverages, view agent and company licensing information, find disaster information, and read consumer alerts.

Other informative sites include’s auto insurance page and this page of insurance agents in Easton.